Monday, January 28, 2008

Wisconsin’s Film Tax Credits – More About the Credits.

In continuation of last week's dicussion on the Wisconsin Film Tax Credits, I address some additional facts about claiming the credits.

To claim the Film Production Services Credit, the Film Production Expenditures Credit or the Sales and Use Tax Credit, the Film Production Company must be creating an accredited production. An accredited production means a film, video, electronic game, broadcast advertisement, or television production as approved by the Department of Commerce. Additionally, to claim the credits the aggregate salary and wages associated with the production must equal $100,000 for a production 30 minutes or longer and $50,000 if the production is shorter than 30 minutes. These salary and wage expenses must be incurred within 12 months of the date on which principal filming began.

To claim the credits, a film production company must file an application for accreditation with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and must file a copy of the approved application with its tax return.

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