Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Trip Through the IRS Audit, Appeals and Court Procedures

When dealing with an IRS audit, my clients often ask: What is the IRS going to do?  What happens next?  What happens if we don't agree with the position that the IRS is taking?

Certainly, some IRS procedures are counter intuitive and can be confusing.  However, the movement of a case from the start of an audit, through appeals and into the court system does not have to be confusing.  At least not if you have the flow chart below.  I have had this flow chart for years.  It was handed down to me by someone who said that it came from an old IRS publication.  Whether it is old doesn't matter, because it is still accurate and clearly explains how a case moves through the audit/appeals/court process.

So, if you are currently going through an audit and what to know what happens next or how far you can challenge the case, look at the flow chart below. 

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