Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Tax Law Forum!

On the heels of the New Year comes the Tax Law Forum's first birthday.  Yep, its been a year.  Happy Birthday. 

During this time, we have discussed a host of Federal tax law issues including, audits, appeals, collections, the United States Tax Court and current events.  (I've had particular fun with the number of articles about celebrities with tax trouble.) 

As a Wisconsin tax lawyer, I have also spent a reasonable amount of time discussing Wisconsin sales tax, income tax and employment taxes. The point of doing so, is to provide a forum in which these issues can be discussed.  Others, hopefully, will be able to turn to The Tax Law Forum as a source of information to reduce the fear that comes along with tax troubles.

I hope you have enjoyed and found useful most, if not all, of these posts.  I look forward to continuing these discussions through 2009.  

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Phil Gerbyshak said...

Congrats Rob! I've learned a lot from you (though I'm still not half as smart as you) and look forward to seeing what's next.